Central Vacuum Wall Inlets

Variety of Wall Inlet Plates for Your Central Vacuum
Your beautiful home and routine vacuum experience depend on functional wall plates. Don’t let a broken vacuum inlet ruin the day. We offer a variety of types, colors, and styles ready for your wall today!

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Hide-A-Hose: A MUST Have!

This vacuum solution eliminates the cumbersome task of putting your vacuum hose away while providing deep cleaning on all floors and carpeting.
New installations or retrofitting a home with an existing central vacuum system are our specialty. Hide-A-Hose advantages include:

  • Permanently solve issues caused by hoses and cords.
  • Minimize the amount of hose needed.
  • Ensures efficiency by reducing the number of vacuum inlets.
  • Eliminates mechanism defects by using suction to retract the hose

Standard Inlets

Standard low voltage valves are the most commonly used valves. The suction starts when a hose engages the two metal contacts inside. A vacuum hose with a two way rocker switch can control the suction as well.

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SuperValve Inlets

SuperValves integrate 120 volts into the valve to operate an electric powerbrush without exposing a cord.
This allows an electrified hose and carpet beater brush for quiet, deep cleaning. These are available in various styles and colors.

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VacPan Inlets

Simply sweep debris right up to your baseboard or toe kick and kick the on/off switch to whisk away your messes. These are available in various styles and colors.