Services at Byrum's

Central Vacuum Installations

Not all Central Vacuum Installations are created equal. Many installers use shortcuts to get the job done faster, but this usually ends up in headaches for the homeowner. Check out our Information Center page for more in-depth coverage of why Byrum's is the right choice for your Central Vac installation, whether you're a homeowner or a contractor.

Here at Byrum's we also service Central Vacuum systems of all makes and models, from Hayden, Eureka, Nutone, and MD namebrand. With some of the most reasonable service rates in the business, we'll have your back up and vacuuming in no time. So click on our Contact page to set up a free quote on a Central Vacuum system, or to request a service call on your existing system.

Vacuum Repair & Maintenance

Byrum's services them all! Vacuums need to be serviced periodically. Why? Because vacuums pick up just about everything: dirt, lint, string, hair, thread, paper clips, wire, and much more (things we'd rather not mention).

Another reason is that when you use your time to clean your home, don't you want to know you're getting the best results possible? Don't you want to know you're getting you carpets and floors as clean as possible for you and your family?

Here at Byrum's we repair and maintain virtually every brand of vacuum cleaner on the market. Check out our Products page to get a brief overview of the brands that we service. We replace belts, bags, filters, wheels, handles, wands, etc. We also can rebuild motors and power nozzles to keep you vacuuming effectively.

Come on by Byrum's today for a diagnostic of your current vacuum cleaner, or to demonstrate some of our floor models. We have the right vacuum for your house. Click on our Contact page for directions to our store!

Sewing Machine Repair & Maintenance

Byrum's services most brands of sewing machines, including electronic machines (as long as they do not have computerized stitch selection problems). All sewing machines should be serviced, at a maximum, every 3 years. Some commercial machines should be serviced even more regularly. Serger sewing machines, 3, 4, and 5 thread machines should be serviced every 1.5 to 2 years max. Why?

If any sewing machine or serger goes unserviced for more than 3 years without removing the lint that is naturally left behind during the sewing process, it can change the accuracy of the thread tensioners, both for the top thread and for the bobbin case/ basket. This lint build-up can also cause the drive gears to mesh improperly, which can cause mechanical failure of the machine resulting in costly repairs.

Additionally, if a sewing machine goes longer than 3 years without oiling, the old oil has a tendency to thicken, causing the machine to run slower, which puts a strain on the motor, which can result in the stitch selector mechanism to seize up, causing the machine to fail, or can end up destroying the motor.

So bring your sewing machine into Byrum's today for a full service. We'll make sure that everything works properly, from the tension assemblies, to the motor, the stitch selector mechanism, and the foot control, etc. Byrum's builds the quality into your machine that was not present originally from the factory. Your sewing machine will sew better then when you first bought it!