Byrum's Educational Center

Upright vs. Canister

Why Buy A Canister?

  1. Great for carpet, bare floor, and above floor cleaning
  2. On-board tools provide convenient versatile cleaning
  3. Wands are adjustable in length to clean hard to
  4. reach areas such as ceiling fans & picture rails

Why Buy An Upright?

  1. Easy to maneuver and transport
  2. One piece design stores compactly
  3. Great for homes with large carpeted areas

Vacuum Belts

Why Do I Need To Change My Vacuum Belt?

Most people don't realize that vacuum belts stretch over time. Look over to the picture to the right. You can see the difference between a new belt, and how stretched out the used belts are.

How does this affect performance? As your vacuum belt stretches out, the brushroller on your vacuum cleaner becomes less and less agressive. This translates into less dirt being picked up by your vacuum meaning more work for you. Additionally, more dirt being left behind wears your carpets out quicker. That leftover dirt actually cuts at the fibers in your carpet, breaking it down over time. With a less aggressive brushroller caused by a worn out belt, this process is sped up exponentially.

So why not make your carpet investment count? Come into Byrum's today for a FREE belt inspection. Most belts are around $3.00 - $6.00, and we can replace them on the spot, getting you back to cleaning in no time. Mention you read about this on our website and get FREE ONE-TIME installation (Normally $5.00 - $10.00) for your belt that day!

Byrum's VIC (Very Important Customer) Club

While you're here at Byrum's getting your vacuum serviced, belt changed, or whatever your needs, ask us about how you can get FREE BELTS AND INSPECTION for the life of your vacuum cleaner!

Sewing Machines

We Have The New Line of Necchi Sewing Machines!

Click on a model below for more information! Then come into the store to test it out.

Check Out Our New Necchi EC100 Embroidery Machine in Action!

Sewing Machine Maintenance

Have problems with your thread looping under your fabric? Byrum's full sewing machine service can help solve your problems. But in addition to getting your sewing machine running in excellent condition, we are also going to be offering classes in sewing machine operation. (Not A Sewing Class!)

This class would teach you basic sewing machine maintenance, the basics of threading, and how to properly set the upper and lower tensions on your machine for loop free sewing. You will learn the actual process in which a sewing machine functions. Once you learn this, your sewing enjoyment will improve dramatically. If you'd be interested in us offering this class please fill out the contact form to the right, with your desired day and time. When we have enough participants, you will be contacted about the time and date, as well as the cost.

  1. Desired day & time for class:

How Do Sewing Machines Work?

Many problems arise when sewing because many people do not understand the basic operational principles of sewing machines. Have a look at this video which explains how all sewing machines work, even though some look different than others.

Central Vacuum Systems

At Byrum's Nothing Is Compromised!

This picture shows the incorrect and correct way PVC pipe should be cut.

The incorrect picture, cut by a hacksaw, shows the PIVC pipe having many burrs and is not a true 90 degree cut. Why is this important?

With a burr-free and perfect 90 degree cut, you eliminate the chance for lint, pine straw, hair, etc. from getting caught while flowing through the pipe.

The correct picture shows the pipe having been cut with the tools we use here at Byrum's, for a totally burr free, 90 degree cut ensuring proper joint and coupling connections.

This picture shows the correct and incorrect ways to apply glue to the pipe system.

The correct way to apply glue is to the outer portion of the pipe only. (Male Portion)

The incorrect way shows the glue being applied to the inside of the coupling. (Female Portion) Why is this important?

The practice of applying glue to the inside of the coupling instead of the outside of the PVC pipe causes problems because as the unglued male portion is inserted into the female coupling, it pushes the glue inside the tubing. When hardened this glue is prone to impede the flow of debris through the system, eventually resulting in costly repairs due to clogs.

This picture shows a Trunk Line between the first and second floors of a home.

The picture showing incorrect would allow sand and debris to fall down to the first floor inlet, when using an inlet on the second floor. Why is this important?

Because the incorrect installation of the coupling allows dirt and debris to fall down to the inlet below, this causes premature wear on the inlet. It also negatively affects the hose's low voltage contacts.

The picture showing correct keeps dirt and debris from falling down to the inlet below, preventing costly repairs and/ or replacement of your Central Vac inlets.

This picture shows a Trunk Line carrying debris from a thrid floor inlet, passing a second floor inlet, and continuing to the main unit.

The incorrect picture shows the Trunk Line carrying debris passing directly behind the second floor inlet, allowing dirt and debris to collect in the inlet causing premature wear of the inlet as well as the low voltage contacts.

NOTE:The incorrect way is the fastest and cheapest way for an installer to save time and money.

Here at Byrum's, we take pride in our installations. The correct picture shows the proper way to install these types of inlets. In this manner dirt and debris are able to pass freely past the second floor inlet without damaging it.

Why Choose Byrum's For Your Next Central Vacuum Installation Or Service?

As you can see from the pictures above, not all installs are created equal. While other installers cut corners and perform sloppy installs, here at Byrum's, we take pride in our work, and we make sure that you have a quality Central Vacuum System installation that will stand the test of time and reduce service and repair calls. But rest assured, if your system ever does need service or repair, Byrum's puts the same quality and effort into our service calls and repairs.